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Long-Term Apartment Rentals- What You Should Know

Long-Term Apartment Rentals- What You Should Know
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If you have ever dreamed of going for a vacation in a tropical paradise, then Caribbean islands are ideal. With more people opting to holiday abroad, the demand for long-term vacation homes has seen an upsurge. Renting abroad is not meant to be stressful, and you should not feel as though you are in a dark corner. In case you are considering renting long term vacation homes, here’s why you should proceed.


An extended stay at a hotel will sure cost you a fortune. When the cost is added up, it amounts to a significant figure. Therefore, if you will stay in the city for some weeks or even a month, consider renting a long term apartment.

Feels like home

Now that you are in a foreign land, one thing you are bound to miss is home. Even though hotel rooms are luxurious, by the time you are halfway through your stay you will be bored putting up there. Hotels room might offer luxury, but they do provide neither comfort nor privacy. A long term rental will give you a home away from home thus enabling you to relax during your vacation.

Provide amenities

Usually, Nevis long term rentals offer amenities such as gym facilities, pools, and concierges. They also give utility services such as washers, dryers and fully equipped kitchens. Thus, you do not have to eat out all the time since the apartment rentals management offers meal plans. You can read more on serviced apartment here.

Tips on choosing a long term apartment rental

Start early

When going for a vacation abroad, you ought to organize for accommodation while in your home country. However, do not send any money before you visit the place; unless you are sure that the company is reputable. Ideally, you should pay your deposit after you view the home, but not all renters will agree to this. When paying, use a credit card so that in case anything bad happens you will be covered.


When looking for a long term rental in Nevis, remember that not all apartments are furnished. The decision on whether to go for a furnished apartment or unfurnished ones depends on the period you will be staying in the city. Furnished apartments are advantageous in many ways. For instance, it will cost you less money and less strain.


When you have settled in an apartment of choice, you will be asked to sign a lease agreement. It is important to sign the contract as it is a proof of your deposit payment. You might be required to have a long term visa before you are allowed to stay in some apartments. Ensure you inquire how you can end your contract, as some require notice. Some contracts stipulate that you should pay a small clean up charge at the end of your lease. Always read through the contract carefully and ensure everything is clear. After all, it never hurts to address such issues ahead of time.

Traveling is fun; you get to have new and exciting experiences. If you want to save money on your Caribbean vacation, you can consider these tips:

  • Travel during the low season
  • Find affordable rentals
  • Convert your money to the local currency
  • Shop around for affordable flights
  • Eat where the locals eat