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Is Clenbutrol used as a thermogenic supplement??

Is Clenbutrol used as a thermogenic supplement??
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Overview to Clenbutrol:

Clenbutrol is used as a weight loss supplement by the individuals, who want to lose weight in a very small or moderate amount. This supplement is being sold by different brand names including Klen60, Clen Patrol, Clen, etc. This helps as a performance enhancer by the individuals, who are preparing for a competition. This is not an anabolic steroid. The Clenbutrol or Klen 60 is a supplement, which was developed for making treatment of the people going through breathing disorders.

The Klen60 is often used as a thermogenic supplement by the bodybuilders and athletes. This works as an aid in burning fat, when coupled with anabolic steroids. This is available in its liquid or tablet form. Some of the users of this supplement feel that its liquid form has better bioavailability. They can access it legally online from different research companies. An individual must be cautious enough while taking its liquid form. He should firstly convert the dosage of mcg in ml; else it could exceed the dosage than recommended.

Dosage recommended

The amount of dosage to be taken by an individual varies from one person to the other. The men should start with a dosage of 40 mcg in a day. The women are sensitive, so they should start with 20 mcg in a day. The dosage can be exceeded by both the men and women, as and when required. Like other steroids, it does not require high dosage, so as to give higher results in a shorter period of time. The dosage could be reached as high as 140 mcg for men and 100 mcg for women. This is the maximum and the safest dosage for both the genders. Sometimes, it has been seen that a few women have taken 140 mcg of the supplement in a day.

The dosage exceeding 140 mcg for both men and women could be dangerous and may lead to cardiac hypertrophy. One of the most popular brands of the Clenbutrol is the Keifei. This is a good supplement, as its users have reported positive results and minimal side effects. The side effects initiated by the Klen 60 are the minimum. The side effects of the Klen 60 are not life threatening and the individual can get positive results on using it in a recommended dosage.

Side effects

Some of the side effects experienced by its users are feeling jittery and shaky, muscle cramps, suffering from insomnia, etc. also, it can cause enlargement in ventricles as well as cardiac hypertrophy. The individuals can avoid its side effects to take place by keeping himself within the minimum range of medication required to get better results. The individuals must take this supplement, as per the directions given by a physician or doctor for its use.

The individuals must take it in the early morning rather than afternoon or evening. This is because of avoiding the side effects of this supplement. The Klen 60 is getting used as a thermogenic supplement by the bodybuilders for getting faster results in a shorter period of time.