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Information Trivia on the Best Pearls in the World – Akoya Pearls

Information Trivia on the Best Pearls in the World – Akoya Pearls
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There are a great variety of pearls for sale today as Akoya pearls are considered the very least understood of all other gemstones. If you are shopping for pearls; take the time to learn all you can about the different types of pearls and why Akoya pearls are considered the best.

Akoya Pearls

Akoya pearls are cultured saltwater pearls from the Akoya Oyster. They are natural saltwater pearls and there is a lot of information:

  • Considered to be the classic pearl
  • Abundantly used for pearl jewelry
  • Pearls of perfect shapes
  • Pearls with mirror-like luster
  • Pearls with neutral color
  • Favorite by most consumers and retailers

Colors, shapes, sizes

There are interesting pieces of Akoya pearl trivia:

  • Akoya oyster smallest commercially farmed
  • Smallest pearl-producing
  • Average Akoya is only 7.7 mm in size

Akoya pearls currently are being harvested in sizes from 1mm up to the very rare 10-11mm.

How pearls are made

Unlike their cousins that are freshwater, Akoya pearl oysters rarely produce more than 2 pearls with each harvest. The oysters are fertilized (nucleated) with a bead that is made up of:

  • Mother- of -pearl
  • Small piece of mantle tissue

The resulting bead then becomes the nucleus of the pearl and is the reason that Akoya pearls are usually perfectly round.

This shape when combined with the luster that is found on top-quality Akoya pearls; makes these relatively rare when compared with freshwater pearls. This gives Akoya pearls a higher value.

Where they come from

These pearls currently are farmed in China, Japan and a few come out of Vietnam, and Thailand. The majority of the Akoya pearls are farmed in Japan which is the Akoya pearl center of the world.


Because of all these features; Akoya pearls are the highest priced in this industry.