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A Few of the 5 Best Fishing Pontoon Boats

A Few of the 5 Best Fishing Pontoon Boats
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According to Boating Magazine, “pontoon boats are still the fastest growing segment in all of boating.”  The reason why is clear; pontoon boats give boaters the comfortable space and stability to spend all day cruising the water, entertaining dockside, fishing and even water skiing.   Today’s pontoon boats pack more power than ever before with sleek designs that allow them to even handle corners.  If you’re thinking of purchasing a pontoon boat for fishing excursions, you may be wondering which one to buy.  While that depends on factors such as how many people you want to fit on the boat or how much power you want, we have outlined the 5 best fishing pontoon boats.

  1.  The Berkshire 231 RFC STS

This is one of the best fishing pontoon boats on the market today.  It has everything for both anglers and non-fishing passengers all configured onto one versatile pontoon boat STS series.  For serious boaters and even more serious fishermen, you can choose some features of the Berkshire 231 RFC STS pontoon boat, including its performance package, horsepower, colors, and floorplans.  This pontoon boat is seriously comfortable and offers a quality Clarion four-speaker stereo system with Bluetooth capabilities.

  1. The Cypress Cay Cayman LE 250

With seven different floorplans to choose from, you can choose the layout of your personal fishing friendly pontoon boat. Some of the features of The Cypress Cay Cayman LE 250 include a lounge area with reclined seat back for comfort whether fishing for not, stereo and remote, 12-volt outlet, and cup holders.

  1. The Lowe Ultra 180 Cruise

One of the less expensive on this list of best fishing pontoon boats, the Lowe Ultra 180 Cruise will cost you just over $15,000 brand new.  This boat has the horsepower to zoom around the lake pulling friends on tubes or for a more relaxed morning of fishing. Whatever mood you and your family are in, this pontoon boat certainly delivers.  Also comes with a trailer.

  1. The PlayCraft Powertoon X-Treme 2700 I/O

This beautiful boat has an engine you could look at all day – and night – with its soft red LEDs that turn nighttime boating and fishing into a permanent hobby.  With the PlayCraft Powertoon X-Treme 2700 I/O, you are getting the best of both worlds; speed and beauty.

  1. The Princecraft Vogue 29 SE

This is the most luxurious fishing pontoon boat on our list since it comes with features that other pontoon boats typically offer as upgrades.  When the sun sets, the LED lights are all aglow for some night fishing or boating.

If you’re looking to buy a new or used pontoon boat, stop by our showroom today.  We have the latest models and varieties of pontoon boats in stock.  Let us help you find the best fishing pontoon boat for your fishing excursions.